Happy 6 year aniversary, Bestgeekeverpr.blogspot.com! NOW DIE!

6 years ago, in a time of sorcery and brutality, a blog was born. Forged from the fires of nerdery and greed,  it was weaned on violence, and reared by an angry Michelle Rodriguez. This is it's story.

Back, back in the days when Bush was still president, it was the height of my life. I had a cushy minimum day Full-time that merely required me to speak English and watch over paintings. I could even afford to turn down women. Back in those days, I had a dream, to make the greatest comic series of all time. Or the best movies. Or the best videogames. To be quite frank, I don't really remember what I wanted to do. Just that I wanted it bad. So I opened a blog, in order to promote the forgettable thing I was doing at the time.

But soon, "Just promotion" seemed like a very dull use of a Blog. My friend had just introduced me to Thatguywiththeglasses.com and I was just way into Cracked.com. It soon dawned on me that having an opinion on things could be used to bring joy to people, and maybe make some money.

Since then it's been a weird, wonderful thing. I got to share with the world a bit of me, and my obsessions, and the world got to share a bit of theirs with me. Since I started I changed religion, changed my mind on politics, and  fell out with some family members, but never did I consider never agian blogging.

 But this place has to die.

I've been meaning to  undo this whole thing for years, and always something gets in my way. I'm sick of the black and green. Sick of the disarray.  So, in celebration of 6 years of obssesive blogging, I'm putting Thebestgeekeverpr.blogspot.com to pasture.

But I'm not quitting blogging. Oh, no. I'm just transitioning from Bestgeekeverpr.blogspot.com to Bestgeekever.blogspot.com. It's a whole new thing. I'm not just going to be harping on news and occasionally promising a work I'll never get done. I will also engage in new forms of  creative writting  and other such processes.  But first, I need a site people might be willing to look at for extended periods of time.

In the future I'm hoping I can also again do more reviews of things, as well. It's kind of difficult now, in my current setup, but I'm hopeful this will also come true. Success is inevitable.

So walkers, keep walking, and make a road as you go. What I will do, from now on, is post about recent events, in Spanish. I know for a fact there's a good spanish speaking audience out there, and they need to be served news just as good as anyone else. So I'm thinking some weekly updates or whatever. It's fine. In fact, this is the last post in English. Follow along to Bestgeekever.blogspot.com for all your english speaking stuff. Otherwise, quedense aqui que la transicion toma lugar ahora.


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