7 franchises that could use a Cinematic Universe

Wha...money? This? How

Everybody wants a cinematic universe now. Every time studios sent out a press release with those words, they're saying "please give us as much money as Avengers!" Especially now that A2 is out there, raking all the money by the yachtful.

It's mostly misplaced wishful thinking. But that's not to say nobody can ever pull it off. And there's some franchises where it does kind of make sense.

These are them.

7l) James Bond

Actually, this was announced over a decade ago.
There's been 20 something James Bond films, stretching across 40 something decades. With very few recurring characters and very little continuity to them, there's almost no world building. "James Bond exists, here's a threat to the Western World, James Bond has sex and shoots until the Western World's interests are safe again."

But it doesn't have to be like that. There's bound to be other Double Os out there, doing their thing differently from James Bond. And the villains. My, God! They could totally establish why Jaws has metal teeth, Blofeld is scarred and why shooting people makes Xenia Onattop sexmoan.

6) Resident Evil

"Stay Behind me!" "I KNOW MY PLACE, ALEECE!"
The newest Resident Evil movie was on hold, because Milla Jovovich was too pregnant to play the lady lead Alice, for a few months.

Now, we all know Resident Evil is nothing without Alice. But maybe, instead of waiting till next year to film everytime she gets pregnant, they could make a movie without Alice.

It sounds crazy, but there's other characters in RE besides Alice, who can have their own, similar to the game's story somewhat adventures.

We don't have to cut off our Alice supply cold turkey, though . We can have her cameo pregnantly to explain God himself chose her to be the mother of Jesus mark 2 because she's so awesome.


5) Dragonball

Ok...Dragon Ball sucked all the testes of the universe. But that doesn't mean whoever it is has the rights(please don't be Fox...) can't have another go at it.

But the whole Goku story...the well is poisoned, you know? Nobody wants to see Justin Chatwin don the spiky hair again.

But Dragon Ball has dozens of ancilliary characters, races, and worlds to put onscreen, with even more planned!

You could have a movie just set on planet Vegeta, establishing them Saiyan as planet wrecking badasses they are, and ending with Vegeta starting on his month's long journey to fight Goku. You could have an entire movie explain how Master Roshi became the old pervert we know him to be. You could have a movie just of Piccolo training Gohan. You could...oh, shit it's Fox. Nada, forget I said anything.


My cousin modeled his whole life after shit like this.
While it might confuse the hell out of everyone that a franchise titled after a specific character trying to be a specific thing(the only one or some shit) get spinoffs, Highlander spans enough time and characters, you could easily have them in different movies, leading up to the one where they all get together to cut their heads off.

I mean by that, these characters are all immortal: surely they must have gone through different events. Maybe one of them got stuck under a rock underwater, or buried alive. Maybe one of them has a different plan every 200 years for the chance he comes across another immortal. Maybe one of them tried to make as many (Immortal? I don't know the rules) Babies as posible.

Each of those approaches to immortality could be their own movie, finally leading to a Highlander where you DON'T know who's gonna win.



3) Megaman

Mick won't cut you! Lemme handle it!
The plot of Megaman needs no endepthment. There's a villain making several themed robots rampage, and Megaman must run, jump and shoot(and never crouch, for some reason) until good reigns again.


But that's just it. The other robots are as sentient and feeling as Megaman, at least according to the Archie Comics.

What if Gutsman has some adventures before DR Wily comes a knocking. What if Centaur Man is the hero of his own story, and you get to know it before Megaman blasts him.



2) Rocky

The Prophesy!
The Rocky franchise shows no sign of stopping, despite showing all the signs of having to have stopped about a decade or two ago.

However, if Rocky must keep fighting, let's at least inject a little Fast and The Furious style worldbuilding. In this case, I mean let's make everything revolve around Boxing. The government hires Rocky for one more fight against a new, mysterious boxer who might hold the key to a worldwide conspiracy. But first, he's gonna need a team. Boom! Ivan Drago, Clubber Lang, Apollo Creed's daughter and Tommy Gunn(recast on account of "died for realsies." Kids, don't ever try to cure your aids with your mind, okay? ) . They use their special abilities(uh...mostly boxing?) to get to the heart of the conspiracy.

I mean, sure, that's uninspired, but let's not pretend Rocky had any real reason to continue taking hits. Most Boxers, after all, retire waaaaay before Stallones age. Also, this entry was written before the new Apollo Creed's son movie was announced! Fuck You!

1) Oz

Trust me, this is some Crying Game shit.
If some of these entries are tongue in cheek, this one's dead serious. The world of Oz books is packed with characters and settings enough to give Tolkien a run for his money. I'm kind of surprised the movies have mostly stuck to the stuff of the first book/movie.

I mean, if you'd strictly went by the books you'd see Dorothy meet with Ozma, Transgender princess who spent most of her own book as a boy, and The long lost Wizard of Oz returning. There's giant spiders, underground Gnome kings, talking chickens. And that's just the first 4 books I read!

And worst of all, MOST of the e p
books arublic Domain, (hey, sinergy!), so it's not like there's a reason not to make an Epic, LOTR style Oz franchise.


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