Seth Killian, Dave Sirlin, Rising Thunder, Fantasy Strike Know What's up

By this point, you may have forgotten about my editorial about how going down, downforward, forward, is holding us back, and that we need to tap on to our creativity to create new controllers for a genre that is slowly returning from dormancy, but not quite awake yet. And some of you thought I was crazy! But Seth Killian obviously doesn't.
His new robot themed fighter, Rising Thunder, coming to PC in the future, has decided to do away with that kind of motion.  But looking at the video, you wouldn't know that.

He's not even the only one. Another genre veteran David Sirlin also announced he was thinking of making a fighter with lessened controls called Fantasy Strike.
And we haven't even discussed the 3 isms you have to choose before each match.

You see, the thing is, I have a confession: I put a lot of old emulated games to my 5 year old nephew. He's basically accessing a lot of the games I would have been able to play at his age, had I not been poor as fuck and ignorant of all game store's locations.

And he WANTS to play fighting games, especially, you know, the ones with colorful graphics and known characters. And unlike ME at  his age, he has me to know at least SOME of the special moves. And teaching him has been, erm... a bit of a bitch. "No, down, down forward, forward and punch! Either of these 3 is punch!"
Have fun learning about this many moves for about 56 characters, kiddo!

But he loves em' anyway. I got him Mugen, filled the roster with whatever beta as fuck characters I could find, and made him a bit of a Bootleg MVC2. He can't tear himself away from it...but he also gets beaten up by everybody, gets bored and leaves. It seems to me he could eventually really get into them, but for a bit there, he didn't even WANT to play no fighting games. He had them on the black list: No Sports, no racing, no puzzles NO FIGHTING GAMES.
You see, Cappy, SOME people think these characters are worthy of being in a fighting game.

In a time where mobile games are proving that even the simplest, proto Atari-but-with-Snes-Graphics games can find an audience, why is is it such heresy to say "no, this doesn't have to be this way?" Killian basically echoed my very sentiments. Which means either he's a man after my own heart or he fuckign read my blog and stole my idea.Either way, I'm off to lawyer up !


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