Horrendous Theory: Neil Blomkamp is a Chrononaut

But the tiiigers come at niiiiiight....

Neil Blomkamp just revealed that his Alien movie has been put on hold, which should be no surprise, since  Prometheus 2: Alien Boogaloo has recently been renamed Alien: Paradise Lost, and they probably don't want an Alien's Prequel's Sequel and an Aliens' Sequel cannibalizing each other.

I think it's rather sad, because while I don't think Prometheus was all that bad, I do would rather have  Blomkamp hammering in obvious metaphor's while also providing great visuals and good characters, than a second Prometheus full of "Bad Choices: IN SPAAAAAACE"
Hey, this one also had a black goo that did whatever the plot needed it to, but you know what else it had? Likeable characters you could understand.

I really do like Blomkamp. But I have a theory why a person in my age bracket would.

Blomkamp's sensibilities land squarely in the 80's.  Extreme violence and aliens and robots. 80's stuff. Neil Blompkamp's movies have been so far Elysium, Alien Nation, and a Johnny 5-Robocop mashup.  It's fair to say it's a fairly unique vision, at least compared to the actual Robocop remake, anyway. I suspect if Neil Blomkamp got ACTUAL Robocop, his take on it would be Robocop.

The concerns of his movies are also a bit of a throwback. While as a South African I'm sure  the Apartheid hits pretty close to home, It's not exactly topical in the 21rst Century. Don't missunderstand me, it's a great thing that he would use it as a refference point, but it's still.

The only thing Neil Blomkamp tackled is slasher movies, the paranormal, 80's macho heroes and...time travel...

...Because he IS a TIME TRAVELER!...

Think about it. He's got an idea for Aliens that's basically Alien 3, discarding  Alien to the third power and Alien Ressurection like they didn't happen. Because to him, they didn't happen. That's why he's making analogies to the Apartheid so good. Because to him that was 5 years ago.

Think about it, one minute you're a Hollywood hopeful with a script pitch for ALien 3(which there where alot of) and next thing you know, you're falling down a time vortex.

I'm on to you, B-K! Either way, your secret is safe with me, and I'm looking to your next throwback mash up. Is it Exorcist meets Rambo? Is it Ghost busters meets  Beetle juice? Is it Alien meets Predator? Whatever, it'd be more original than a remake of Point Break.


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