Nega Nancy : The Mary Sue's anti mixed race bias against Suicide Squad.

Don't ask where Carmen Sandiego is, you goddam misogynists!

(In order to be more hip with the kids today, I intend to bring you  more socially conscious messages, under the lable Nega Nancy)

My dear gentlefolk, I'm not really following The Suicide Squad's development. I don't care about Punk Rock Joker either way, I don't care about the portrayal of  Deadshot, and I don't care that the characters look nothing like characters that I already don't care about.

However, I am also not a racist, even if all my #boycottstarwars7 hoopla doesn't make that obvious because you can't  hear my video because my mic sucks. However, you know who Is racist? The Mary Sue.
One day you're coming out of a cake for a one time gag, and before you know it,  you're the representative of half the planet. Huh...

Under the typical flimsy double talk racists usually do, Mary Sue has subtly condemned the first interracial couple in a "Super Hero movie" since they made The Thing's blind love interest black, citing that they "hope (Harley Quinn's) journey will be about more than Deadshot(played by African American actor Will Smith).

Citing a recent quote describing a romantic triangle between The Joker(played by Jared Leto) Harley Quinn, and Deadshot, the troubling article immediately launches into a series of attempts to essentially describe "escaping" an abusing relationship from a murderous psychotic clown by teaming up to murder him with a black man after being forcibly conscripted by the government to do so as a better option to the old trope of 'sticking with your(very white) (and also a serial killer) man(instead of one who is Black)(and also a hired killer).
Why can't Will Smith be the Joker? Man, this is racist!

I think Mary Sue should really considers all the ways I can interpret their article before publishing it. Did they really think nobody was going to launch into triple flips and dips to find a way this article wasn't progressive? While I commend them for trying to ensure that this movie (about people being sent to their deaths by a callous government agent, which bears the word "Suicide" in the title) doesn't go into any negative things that might give girls  any negative messages (You know, for when they suffer mental illness and then they go to jail and then get used by the system, at least they will know, that they don't have to rely on a man and can be independent, free cogs in the murder machine) but please keep in mind that racism doesn't just happen. It's part of our culture. Mary Sue is also part of the culture. Coincidence? I think RACISM.


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