Nega Nancy: We're sooo dissapointed in you, Tetris.


(In order to be more hip with the kids today, I intend to bring you  more socially concious messages, under the lable Nega Nancy)

The Culture of Gaming is such a toxic playground of machoist attitudes and inferred male power, I don't know if I want to belong to it or fucking kill it. But why wouldn't that be, if even it's most simplist potential is filled with purina for the nascent mysoginist.

Take Tetris. A simple puzzle game invented in Soviet Russia that became a videogame sensation. A series of Blocks is dropped on a field, with the goal of avoiding the screen to be fully cluttered. This game was one of the early successes in the field of videogames with women, perhaps because IT FUCKING IS SEXIST, NO MORE PREFACE! THE PREFACE IS GONE!

Truly, nothing can be more damaging to a woman than being offended without her realizing it, except maybe being offended by a poison dart and not realizing it.  The game of Tetris is a game of social movements, trying to build a fully equal world. As a Head Honcho myssoginist, (or in the case of women playing it, as a subservient self hater) you try to get these groups to destroy one another, and keep the social change from building into True Equality.

And when you win what happens? You get to launch your INCREDIBLY phallic  rocket as stereotypical FEMALE balled dancers  expose themselves.

You went too far, Tetronimos!


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