Whose Side are You ON: Darkwing Duck

Did you hear? THERE'S a STORM COMING.(Serious face)

This year Batman and Superman are gonna dust each other up, And Captain America and Iron Man each have taken a side on a Civil War. You have to choose: Submit to authority, or fight against your friends? Superhero Registration Act: Yay or Nay?

We all know where Marvel's guys stand. But I wonder, where would other heroes fall in this? And so the team and I have dragged out 30 heroes from outside comics, and reveal, where would these movie and TV heroes be in the Civil War. NOW CHOOSE!

But to make it even more interesting, I will be assigning  points based on how useful this character or characters would be in the battle, and assigning them to the team in question, and at the end of the month we will determine who will win the Civil War, whether it's Shell Head and his Sudden pro govn'ment streak, or Cap'n and his not as sudden viewpoint that the government totally sucks, you motherfucker.

Darkwing Duck

Surprise, motherducker!

A rich play...duck who, during the night, assumes the role of Darkwing Duck, vigilante.

Danger Assesment

Darkwing Duck uses a variety of gadgets, as well as fear and intimidation, to defeat his enemies.There is an element of aloofness to him, so not much points. +3

Where would they stand.

Darkwing Duck is self absorbed enough to back the pro-registration side of  the Civil War without considering HE would have to register.


Shellhead is off to a decent starting lead. But it's gonna take more than plungers and smokey appearances to win this war. Join me tommorrow, when another  hero comes along!


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