Not an April Fools Joke: Fight against the DMCA #WTFU

To be fair, I wanted the "togeeeeether!" song...
Because we're all in this together

So apparently the copyright office has opened a 24 hour window to ask people what they thought about the DMCA.  That was yesterday.

 You know I'm very passionate about copyright issues and I'm   in favor of Where's the Fair Use. And the DMCA is bad, and a great part of the reason why  sites on Youtube have to be so hard on Copyright, because basically this law makes Youtube as guilty of copyright infringement as the uploader of full episodes of a show.

So, what, I have a blog that at least some folks watch, and besides participating on my own, I also invite you to.

Please,watch Doug Walker's video about the subject, and tell these bastards Best Geek Ever sent you.


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