Whose Side are You ON: Unbreakable

In our last episode, Dyna Girl and Electra Woman gave Captain America a smidge of an advantage after Darkwing Ducked it all up. But here comes a new challenger!



Unbreakable is about a guy played by Bruce Willis, who discovers he had superpowers all along, in a world where comics are semitrue and M Night Shyamalan still hadn't blown all the goodwill from  The 6th Sense away.

Danger Assesment

Super Bruce Willis has super resistance whose limits haven't been tested, but he survived  being in a trainwreck. Oh, man, these M Night jokes just make themselves.

He can also SENSE evil, somehow. It's like a 6th Se-SEE WHAT I MEAN?

He does have one weakness, though:  WATER. While 60% of the planet, and more than half the human body doesn't hurt him, Kryptonite style, he does lose his powers. He's practically a Lady in the Water!


Where would they stand.

Unbreakable Man seems to be  more interested in proving his own worth to his son and himself than any higher "save the world" kind of attitude. I do believe he would stare confusingly at anyone suggesting he sign up with the government for a long and awkward time. Then he would side with Captain America, because that's what semi real comic heroes of yesteryear would do.



What a twist! Iron Man loses for the second time in  a row! Can somebody get him a tall glass of water?


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