Whose Side are You ON: Zoom

Last time, The hero from Unbreakable joined Captain America. It's like it was meant to be. Or is it?



Tim Allen is a washed up Superhero whose dick won't go up whose super powers are gone, who is conscripted to bring together a team of young, super powered whippersnapers  to save the day from a threat so boring I'll have to look it up to actually remember it.

Danger Assesment

Zoom(Tim Allen) has superspeed, albeit his dysfunction keeps it to his finger most of the movie(this metaphor is so subtle, you guys. Why don't you give him a super tongue, too?). His young proteges include a little girl with superstrenght, a fat kid with super body molding powers, and oh, god, this is so unmemorable that I already forgot about it.


Where would they stand.
As far as I know, this guys are already signed with the government. Stark, you ok with bringing kids into a warzone? Jeff Loeb seems to think so.


Zoom and his kids bring proreg  out of the doldrums and into  a tie. I think we need a family of Superheroes to show this assorted kids a bit of the old what for. But who could they be? Well, find out!


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