Whose Side are You ON: Up, Up and Away

 Last time, Time Allen and a bunch of kids made the battle between Team Tony and Team Caps even. But maybe they should focus on the family...

Up Up and Away


UU&A is a Disney movie about a family of Superheroes. But it's not the Incredibles. It's about a boy growing up who has yet to discover his superpowers. But it's not Sky High. It came before both of those, and there's a reason why you probably haven't heard of it.

Danger Assesment

The patriarch of the family has  Hyperspeed Flight and Super Strengh, The Mother Super strenght, the kids have super strenght, laser eyes, and superspeed, respectively
Where would they stand.

You kidding me? These guys don't want to get found out, and if you want to not have your shit found out, don't show it to the government. Antiregistration all the way. Except maybe the grandfather. His beef with Superman

makes me think he might also have a beef with Captain America. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID, CAPTAIN!

10 (added a point to account for grampa joining the battle.)

Antiregistration with the lead again! And Grampa's not coming to Thanksgiving dinner! Thinks are looking tough for Team Tony. But hey, if Cap's is gonna go all "The Traditional family" on us, Tony might just have the alternative...


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