Whose Side are You ON: Shezow

Last time, a family of superheroes became tiebreakers in favor of Team Cap. But  maybe  there's something Team Ironman can do about that.


Shezow is a boy who found a magic ring belonging to a super hero...ine. And thus, he became enntrapped in a overtly female superhero costume, theme, and lair.

Danger Assesment

Shezow has a variety of powers and gatgets, including sonic scream, flight, AND a flying car. 5

Where would they stand.
This kid lives in the Wikileaks age. He knows as soon as the government has access to his secret identity, he'll be outed the hell up. He's on  Captain America's side.


Shezow didn't quite pan out how Tony foresaw. Now Team Cap has almost double the points of Team Tony. Looking like Registration is not gonna win this Willenium! Wait, what?


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