Whose Side are You ON: Hancock

 Last time, Captain threw a little social progress dressing to his  previous victory by traditional family, giving him a wide edge over Tony. But Tony's got some Hollywood buddies on his side!



Functionally immortal and impervious to all harm, Hancock has lived hundreds of years with no idea what the hell he is, why he won't die, or just what the fuck to do. So he settled on "drunk superman"

Danger Assesment

So, besides being drunk Superman with Wolverine's history, he does have a weakness.  Being close to "other whatever the hell he is-es" takes away his super immortality. A chick he wants to bang is the only other one so far he's met.


Where would they stand.

While Hancock has a rather disinterested aproach to heroics, he does have an image to maintain thanks to Jason Bateman. Now, with Registration probably getting the bigger positive media coverage, I can easilly see him talking Hanckock into joining Tony's team.


Tonight He Comes and closes the gap between  stark and Rogers in an  amazing upset! Can't count out Team Ironman yet! Pero ahora, quien vendra a ayudarlos? YOOOOOO!


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