Whose Side are You ON: El Chapulin Colorado

 Last time, Hancock took Team Ironman out of the doldrums. Can this time be the one where Team Cap learns what defeat is like?

El Chapulin Colorado

A bumbling goofball of a Mexican Superhero played by the late, great Chespirito, the Chapulin seemingly appears whenever there is trouble, then proceeds to bumble his way through  slapstick until the day is saved, or

sometimes wrecked further.

Danger Assesment

The Chapulin might seem like a lightwight, but his powers are of some concern. He has shrinking pills, a novelty hammer, and danger sensing antennae.

Despite the practical aplication of said powers, his goofball nature is shown to ruin those he is helping as much as it helps them.


Where would they stand.

Chapulin actually doesn't have much stake in the making of American Laws, being himself not American. However, he does tend to appear unaided into extra-Mexican situations on a whim and with not a lot of information, so I

can easilly picture a situation where Captain America's losing(because he loses. You know that, right?) and he's all "Y ahora QUIEN Podra ayudarme?" And Chapulin is all "YO!".


Tony wasn't counting  on Chapulin's cleverness, and now the small gap between Team Tony and Team Caps is now larger.  Maybe Tony can cause an offset if he taps into Disney's other properties to pull a win here...


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