Whose Side are You ON: The Incredibles

 On our last match, El Chapulin Colorado made thing a bit better for Team Captain America. But Ironman decided to tap into some company  properties.

The Incredibles

A family of Superheroes, living in a vaguely retro setting where superhero activity has been illegalized, and Super Heroes live anonymous lives.

Danger Assesment

Mr Incredible alone can lift a 3 story high robot. His Wife and Daughter unabashedly have the powers of Invisible Woman and Mr Fantastic, and their son has Superspeed. The baby is at large a wildcard and there's no telling what he can or will do.


Where they would stand?

You'd think that the family that constantly keeps to themselves and tries as hard as possible to keep their powers secret, but actually, The Incredibles live in a world where the superhero registration act PASSED. There

wasn't a big civil war or a big event. It passed, and IT WORKED.

So, with that in hindsight, I have to say The Incredibles would be on Tony's side. Sorry, Cap, I'm sure at least SOME of the actual Fantastic 4 would have  backed you up, if they weren't tied up at Fox. You might get Violet

if you play to her angsty teen side.


 team antireg 24(One point on account of maybe Violet joining)
Corporate Synergy has managed to turn their defeat into a tie. I bet you Cap is praying for a victory now!


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