Whose Side are You ON: Bibleman

 Last time, uncle Walt's homegrown Super Heroes put the kibosh on that advantage. Desperate, Steve turned to God for a way to break the tie. He has answered


The Expanded Universe just HAD to die.

A once succesfull man could not fill that hole in his life that all rich people can afford to feel, so  he found Jesus, and was born again.

But instead of doing the normal thing and just going to church every weekend, he actually  became a Bible based Superhero, with The Full Armor of GOD.

Danger Assesment

Have you ever heard the term "If God is on our side?" Well, if you can prove the guy isn't crazy or lying, I'd sugeest drafting him ASAP.

On the other hand, this guy is strictly antiviolence, so I don't know how much good he'll be against people trying to knock him down.


Where would they stand.

As a former Christian, I do believe this guy would go with whatever his Pastor wishes and research no further.  Since there's nothing particularly Churchey involved, I think you're more likely to find this guy on the side of wholesome, white Christian Captain America than secular, sciencey Tony Stark. But then again he might say that he'd rather do battle with principalities in the sky and proceed to do that battle by listening to awful Christian Music.



Any team would like to have more teammates on his side, even if it's ultimately just a guy who'll turn the other cheek the whole time. But now team reg wants to really school team antireg!


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