Whose Side are You ON: Sky High

In our last round, God blessed team antireg with a whole point of advantage in the form of Bibleman. But before we go on with this round I want to go over which heroes have taken which sides so far to get you all recapped on the situation.

Sky High

Sky High follows a young man attending a school for Superheroes, where students are rigidly divided between sidekicks (i.e. lame and useless powers or no powers) and heroes(useful powers)

Danger Assesment
It's an entire school full of super heroes, trained mostly in the art of using their powers in dangerous situation. Sure, some just transform into pink guinea pigs, but having access to an entire hero school, faculty and

training grounds is always a plus.


Where would they stand.
 I think the Super Hero Highschool is more likely to fall on the side of the government. It's a school, alright. If it doesn't go along with whatever it could either lose it's funds or, if it was private, it's license to


Sure, SOME in the school might revolt against the idea, but I don't see Principal Wonder Woman  risking losing her cushy job for some silly ideals.



Whoa, watch out there, Team Ironman. Looks like you've graduated to a huge, ten point advantage. But There's more to be taught, believe it or not!


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