Black, Female, Fighter #5

(According to an article made last year there have only ever 13 playable female characters. The list doesn't include fighting game characters for reasons I don't agree with. As such, I have decided to put a spotlight on 14 of these characters, to see what is being dismissed here. There are MORE than that, but I admit, not MUCH more.)



Fighter's Destiny 2



How Black is she?

She's Black, because Brazilians are stereotypically always assumed to be Black. Or Green.

Weirdly enough her alt costume includes a Native American Feather Headdress(remember to look up that thing's name later). Maybe it's a carnival thing I don't know, but even as I try to keep an open mind about this kinds of things, I don't assume Fighter's Destiny is a serious source for information about the people of Brazil.


Statistically speaking, you have not played Fighter's Destiny or it's sequel. And The game's cover boy is a Ryu Knock Off, so no.

Fight examples


You know, I've come to find that there's a valid reason why Brazil gets featured so much in fighting games. They've got a couple of fighting styles (Vale Tudo, Capoeira,  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu).

However, since tradition states fighting game rosters are filled with crude national stereotypes  when all else fails, I guess they decided there wasn't a Batucada Dancer in a game yet.

I mean, that design...they aren't even trying.


Fighter's Destiny fuckin' sucks.


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