Black, Female, Fighter #6

 (According to an article made last year there have only ever 13 playable female characters. The list doesn't include fighting game characters for reasons I don't agree with. As such, I have decided to put a spotlight on 14 of these characters, to see what is being dismissed here. There are MORE than that, but I admit, not MUCH more.)

Jackie Briggs


Mortal Kombat X


How Black is she?

She's the daughter of Blaxploitation Dude Jaxx and has cornrows.

Well, she's fairly recent, but as the daughter of an important character, she's bound to be somewhat important. Also, since the story has a focus on the Special Forces characters of the game, of which she is, well that's what makes her beautiful. Whoa-oh-oh...

Fight examples


Have you ever noticed how black characters always get stuck with scifi and military stuff in mixed fantasy settings? Like, Black guys aren't getting bitten by radioactive spiders or getting magic alien rings.

Tha's not to take anything away from Jackie. It's just an issue I have with fiction overall, sometimes.

Point is, Jackie being a Special Forces member is boring to me, personally. Wouldn't she be a little wild, growing up without her dad because he got killed by Syndel in the last game? Why is she the Murtaugh to Cassandra Cage's Riggs?


She's not a dance-fighter, she's wearing clothes most of the time, and she's just a boring and uncharacteristic Special Forces type character.



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