Black, Female, Fighter #8

(According to an article made last year there have only ever 13 playable female characters. The list doesn't include fighting game characters for reasons I don't agree with. As such, I have decided to put a spotlight on 14 of these characters, to see what is being dismissed here. There are MORE than that, but I admit, not MUCH more.)
How Black is she?


Street Fighter


How Black is she?

Well, she's certainly from Africa, but she's never been displayed as having strong african features. Compared to Birdie and  Balrog, anyway. But Birdie wasn't always Black. ANYWAY...


Elena's an on again off again character. She was in SF3, skipped 4, went to Tekken vs Street Fighter, then had her assets reused in a later version of SF4.

Fight examples

If you wanted more out of your black characters than a dance fighter, or if you wanted more out of your African characters than just "girl in loincloth" then you're shet outta luck.


Still Better than T.Hawk.

Also, her lanky and tall build and leg only moveset make her unique, even among dance-fighters. She's not a bombshell like Christie and Adrianna. You can take her seriously even if being naked all the time is her M.O.


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