Fighting Female July : Gal Fighters is quite good for a portable fighter

Fighting games are games of precision and skill, which is why the mostly stayed away from anything under 16 bits. It's not so much that it's impossible to make  a fighting game for the original gameboy and nes. But to make it any good at all takes so much skill, it's practically not worth it.

So when I approached Gal Fighter, an original female only SNK fighting game based on it's King of Fighter series for the Neo Geo Pocket Color, I wasn't expecting much. However, the game managed to deliver above my expectations.

The overarching plot is that there's a  wish granting talisman, a tournament to get it, and various characters who want it. Not exactly Homer's The Illiad there, but it'll do. You've got a handful of characters you may recognize from King of FIghters such as Mai, Athena and  Leona.  I recognized them more from having been depantsed for Mugen years ago, but whatever.
The fighting is surprisingly fluid. Pulling off specials and hypers is easy, and I ran into the odd combo now and then. To influence the fight, you can collect items which affect you and your opponent. Or at least I think it is, the descriptions are mired in bad translations that, while hilarious, kind of obscure the purpose of the object.

The difficulty is seemingly easy. I had no trouble beating all the opponents, and only got beat by the final boss, Miss X(Iori Yagami in drag), once, which I resolved by taking one of those famous items.


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