Golden Age is all the Rage: The witch on the Haunted Hills

Wow. Marine Biology's so exciting!

If anyone really follows this blog with any consistency, they may have noticed I've been a bit obsessed. Obsessed with this:
How are you talking underwater? of a panel, from Moon Girl fights crime #8. If anyone  would have followed they may wonder why I would care about this panel so much? It's not Robocop riding a unicorn, or even Dr Doom riding a unicorn.What's the big deal?

Well, in a nutshell, the big deal is that it's the exclamation point to an insane horror story where a Werewolf, a mermaid and a witch plot to rule the world, and are stopped by a uber-woman in short-shorts. The longer version is more hits to me, though.

The tale begins in a dark forest with a man escaping from a wolf , who takes the time to show him her true form! A good looking woman!

Meh. I'd still do her.
Turns out Mabelene the werewolf is working for the evil witch Lurani, who cites this as her sponsor spirits: the fiends of Archenar, Azrael, Cheth, Shin , Vau,  and many more funny names.

She sure as hell is enslaving a creature of MY nether regions.

But mostly the Moon-God, which is weird because it is the heroine of the story is also moon centric, also calls upon various spiritual entities for powers, and even has a moonstone as a source of her powers.  Doesn't this...Moon-God have a conflict of interest?
And could you pick up  breakfast on the way back?
In either case,  Lurani has been sending her Wolf girl(snicker) assistant Mabelene to to bring here men to sacrifice, that she may acquire power and as such, rrrrrrrrrrrule the wuuuuurld!  She is unaware, however, that  vacationing in that very creepy neck of the woods is Claire Lune, alias Moongirl, and Prince Mengu. Claire decides to take a dip in the lake, when all of a sudden she spots a mermaid, swimming in the lake with a chest on her hands. And you know, it goes exactly where you'd expect.
She isn't even angry: She just thinks your necks just needs to be fuckin' choked.

Claire, who does not bring here superpower giving moonstone with her to lake creepy-as-shit, is casually choked and buried under rocks by the mermaid.  This may seem out of line for our generation who grew up with  The Little Mermaid and Splash, but Mermaids are not to be fucked with. And that's not just cuz they ain't have no vagina in the traditional sense.

Still, Mengu bails her out and she learns a lot of creepy stuff has been happening in the area. Meanwhile, we learn that the mermaid was working for Lurani.
Soon we will be able to afford a shirt for you!

I am not sure where having a mermaid steal gold is part of the other plan. Like, you sacrifice humans because you need power to get earth-money, but you use the money to fund dark arts research? Maybe the power to control mermaids is the reward, because Undina the Mermaid spends the issue silent, while Mabelene the wolf  occassionally answers to stuff leading me to think Undina is not in control of herself. Still, Moon-God wants more blood, and so the Wolfgirl is dispatched to look for idiots to sacrifice.

Meanwhile, Moongirl is on the hunt for the werewolf bitch. Prince Mengu has some reservations about the existence of werewolves and mermaids, which I guess make less sense than an cyclopes and alien  amazon kidnappers.
Look, listen to the guy who descends from Hercules, you magic moonstone wearing princess: mermaids are not real!

But Moongirl eventually finds and kills the Wolfette, which makes Lurani shut down the whole operation, send away her demons, free the kidnapped people(I thought they'd gotten sacrificed...) and it results in this being the last panel of a Moongirl comic that doesn't have romance on the title.
I heard New York now allows mermaid-on-witch marriage.

I love this panel because I, as a man with too much free time in his hands, see a mishmash of a story with enslaved mythological creatures sacrificing victims  for money and I think, how could I make this make sense, if I where to adapt this material? And I am.  I already started working on it. You have been warned.

Are you coming on to me?


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