Green Lantern's light on cash?

He doesn't care about the green skins either.

 Well, well well. So Green Lantern isn't making half of it's budget in the first weekend. I remember years ago, when Justice League was getting hated on, and all y'all nerds where sure it would  bomb to hell and that it would drag down every DC property until they couldn't have movies? And how they needed Hal Jordan because John Stewart was boring? Seems that the Green Lantern movie geared with fanboys in mind that has a recognizable name in the doing what you expected JLM to do.

If it seems I'm bitter over something that went down 4 years ago, that's because I am.   But now we have to deal with it. If Warner is anything like they ussually are, they'll say the stew is rotten and won't make any more DC movies. A bunch of cynical idiots will say that the characters are the problem, even though we totally live in a world where Transformers movies make money, like that franchise was ever full of tridimensional studies on the  human condition.

However, Inferno was totally awesome and insane.

The truth there is no truth. It could be great and bomb, it could be terrible and succeed. Duke Nukem Forever already exists, and people are surprised it sucks. They thought they spent all this time having production problems because the game was too awesome. However, X-Men: First Class was fasttracked by Fox and turns out it's getting good reviews. But it seems this movies with fanboys in mind like Watchmen and Green Lantern fail, while stuff that focuses on being a movie lives.

Oh, well, looking forward to movies about every Marvel character in existence. And Batman and Superman too. Lots and lots of Batman and Superman for the good part of a new decade...


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