Collin Salmon and Michelle Rodriguez back in Resident Evil, movies become comics

Thank you, India...
Michelle Rodriguez and Collin Salmon are confirmed for the newer Resident Evil movie. If you don't remember them, Michelle was  the female soldier who became infected and was shot fatally in the head at the movie's climax, while Salmon was the one who was turned into little cubes of meat by lasers. The cubes where devoured offscreen by a monster.

I'm a fan of both of this guys, but I can't help but feel anything other than flashback sequences would be cheap. Sure, it could be clones or something, but come on! Really? After 10 years? Is Mike Epps gonna be coming back too?

I can't help but feel that bringing this characters back has some unknown side effect I should know about. Deal with the Devil type stuff. I don't know. I'm curious. But apprehensive.


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