And speaking of me being right about everything, it was recently announced Channing Tatum is in talks to play Superman...Lego Superman, that is. I'm more surprised by there actually being a  Lego Movie, but there you go, Batman and Superman are a part of that.

 Reactions are varied, but one thing is for sure...I called it. I wrote this in 2009 in the thread "You're the producer of the Superman Film" in the form of supposed future news.

July 20, 2009
WB announces Superman is "Up in the Sky"
A spokesperson for WB has announced that a new take on the Superman franchise. Tentatively titled Superman: Up in the Sky. It is currently in scripting stages by Gabriel Ramirez, who made a pitch to the WB earlier this year. The spokesperson says the executives where so impressed they immediately put Ramirez with a team of writers so the film could be out the gate by 2012. No more details where revealed, even whether the movie is a reboot or a sequel, but that a full reveal was coming in November.
Hey, as long as I'm daydreaming, I might as well put myself in there, huh?
August 7, 2009
Could Blomkamp direct "Superman"?
The rumor mill is churning! The fine folks at IESB report that the new Superman film could be directed by none other than South African director Neil Blomkamp. Fresh off his newest film, District 9, Blomkamp has definitively proven to have a vision for storytelling.

Also making the rounds are rumors that the movie's plot is an all new origin story featuring multiple villains, included some rather obscure ones. Stay tuned.
Ain't no Kamp like the Blomkamp! This guy's gonna be huge someday!

November 3, 2009
Blomkamp confirmed as director for new Superman film, leads announced.
WB has dropped a bombshell on is unsuspecting journalists. They today confirmed the rumors that Neil Blomkamp(District 9) is directing the film "Superman: Up in the Sky", with Peter Jackson producing.They also revealed the new face for The Man of Steel. None other than G.I. Joe's Channing Tatum. Also joining in are Rosario Dawson as Lois Lane and Steward Head as Lois Lane and Lex Luthor, respectively.

The film is set to start filming next summer, and we are told it'll be an origin story where a freshman Superman starts his career by facing Lex Luthor, a high tech mafia, and a cabal of villains all intent on taking Superman down.
In my mind it works out, anyway

February 22 2010
Meet the Rogues Gallery of Superman: Up in the Sky
My sources inside WB have it on good word what villains will be a thorn on Superman's side come next 2011 . But Don't let them know you heard it from me!

We already know Lex Luthor is in, but my sources say the film will also have Livewire, Manchester Black, Silver Banshee, and The Parasite, as well as Crime boss Bruno Manheim . Click on each name for more information.

I am kind of worried. Though. We don't want the movie to become encumbered with characters, like X3: The Last Stand. What do you think?
Putting on a group of smaller villains. They are essentially superpowered henchmen in the film."

Suffice to say, the "group of Smaller villains" bit came true in Smallville, with at least two of my called for members joining up."

They said I was crazy. I WAS. But I was also right that Tatum was going to be big later down the road.

And then I did the photoshop.

I still think Rosario Dawson should be Lois, and you can't stop me thinking it.
 In my  fully posted online script for a Superman Reboot, I brought your worst nightmares screaming into the real world. It is I who stared into the abyss and said: "Sure, I could see this guy as Superman." Sure, you guys where right about who should play Superman, and who would play Superman, but I was right about who was considered for Superman and potentially cast as the Lego version of him! Yesh! EEEEYESH-AH!


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