The future is stupid: X-Men Days of future past

Hello, future dwellers. I know not how things will change in 2013. Here in the past Romney is a few weeks from facing Obama in the elections, and I'm easing my way into a Bible salesman of some sort.

But you have a lot to look forward to...unless the vision of the past comes true. Specifically, the vision of racist killbots taking over. See, here in the past we have a franchise called X-men.

One of their most reknowned  storylines is the series days of future past. Through time traveling trickery, entry character Kitty Pride comes back from your year to the 80s, to try and warn the Xmen about an how all of them where set to die by robot unless she avoided the mistakes of the past

this storyline was adapted by the cartoon, but replaced Kitty Pride with two competing Guntoting macho timetraveler revisionists, each trying to avoid his own tragic future. I assume your 2013 will be the one where robots rule, and not the one where a big blue man litterally named Apocalypse reigns.

Or perhaps you'll just get a Days of Future Past movie. What-ever.


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