Announcement: Moongirl Web-story

HI Pradokshawn baloos!

Since my last book has been such a roaring success, I'd like to announce a new one. An origin tale for mermaid hating, ass stomping, help-punching golden age heroine Moongirl.

Moongirl's been an obsession of mine for far too many years.  Her comics where a pain in the ass to find, only even available in a big honking collection of other EC comics. And She's basically  got a lot of the basic stuff you'd think would make her a "good" modern superhero. And to be sure, she had some reboot comics. But my take is different. And also, my take is a book, because I have no means to put together a movie, or comic or theater musical.

Why am I making a Moongirl book? Well, I want to make a Wonder Woman movie, and as I kept contracting my ambition I somehow ended with a Moongirl book. I'm  putting out the story in small, easypay chapters in some website, and then, finally putting out a collected book. I'd probably want to get the whole story down first, though.

Episodes 1-3 are now available. In them you will meet Moongirl, the young princess from another dimension, Jack Diamond, a government agent with a dark secret, Lurani, a witch who can enslave magic creatures, and Satana, the devil herself in the form of a woman.

Look for that later this year.

Titles be hard, yo.


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