Disney planning underwhelming sequel to overrated hit Frozen

Who put this thiiiing togetheeeeer? Meeeeeeeeeee...

In a shocking revelation, Disney recently announced it likes money and would go beyond what we'd imagine to get it, up to and including a sequel to that song Let it Go that had a movie attached to it.

If I seem like a pessimist about it, hear me out. I don't understand the Frozen Hype at all. It's not all bad, there's some good bits, but the one thing that kills it for me is the villain.  I'm sorry, but a bland Disney Prince being the villain might have seemed revolutionary while writing it, but it just makes for a bland villain. The stakes aren't there, the Freeze powers aren't used all that creatively. Elsa, perhaps ironically the actually interesting character, is kind of not the focus throughout the movie. I don't like it.

But obviously I'm in the minority, and now a sequel is being made. Hell, as far Disney doing   sequels to it's movies, let's just say it hasn't gone right yet.


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