Look who's come crawling back...

Not nearly soon enough.

So...sigh, the bestgeekever.blogspot experiment was kind of a bust. I'd hope I could quickly bring that blog to this blog's humble level of views. But that hasn't happened.

And I'm doing things I want to be seen by thousands, not by...units. So, while that place picks up a reasonable pace, this will be my main place to post. I'll still be reposting my old stuff there, because hey, it's free.

 I also want to announce a new blog I just made called Limited Times. LT  is all about  the copyright issues I've been yammering about since about a year ago.
I've already produced an article for each month, with plans to bring on more later.
It does not mean the topic will be entirely gone from here. At year's end I plan to go all Duke University on your asses and tell you which characters of the geekosphere would already be public domain. It include a character which has a new TV show coming soon, and one Avenger.

Fighting Female July us back. This years main event? Catfight. Is it as bad and sexist as they say? Well, I'll let you know when I get it to run right.

And I'm planning to release a few games on Gamejolt. At least one of them is bound to have  sexy  easter egg. Monsters of the King is still available on Itch.io. It's free, as is Freeze Fever.
So it's good to be back, and I regret having ever left. How are you guys feeling?


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