Bestgeekever to Boycott Star Wars, too?

"Supreme Picture of all time"? And you thought Ep7 had hype.
 So apparently a bunch of racists want to #BoycottStarWarsVII because it's in favor of White Genocide from what they can discern from the trailers. Can you guys discern for me who the lead is gonna be for that movie? Thanks in advance, I can't tell at all.

But anyway that's silly. That's why I'm joining them.

You see, I like Star Wars and all that good stuff. I would like for more things like that to be going on. But I have a problem. I already told you about the Trans Pacific Partnership and how it was bad and bad for you. Well, now the real shit has gotten out about it and boy is it really bad. It's everything bad BUT extending existing copyright for U.S. Well, ok, that, too.

Now, behind this dealy is, among other suspects, Disney. Disney, is behind Star Wars. I like Star Wars, but I have to take a stand. This deal would hurt us more than it would hurt me to not watch this movie on the big screen. I have to let Disney know that no, they can't just screw over  intellectual property worldwide and then ask us to pay for the screwing.

So I'm boycotting Star Wars Episode 7. Fuck it all, I'm boycotting Marvel, too. I'm boycotting this Disney properties. Not because what they do offends me or because they aren't being sensitive or being too sensitive. Because I don't feel comfortable supporting a company that is actively, literally trying to control the whole planet's freedom of expression.

I can't call my senator or congressman because Puerto Ricans don't get one of those. And I can't vote for the president. The only way I can vote is with my voice and my wallet, and you can be damn sure, I am using the ones I do have.

If this deal is ratified in U.S. soil, I am never, EVER, EVER again paying for another Star Wars or Marvel Product. If you are White or Black or American or not American, this concerns you. If You're going to boycott Star Wars, at least make it for a worthy reason. Something beyond simple canon getting thrown out or you being a massive bigot. Make it for something that is an actual abuse, is going to actually affect people's lives, and you will have no option around.



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