Defacing art

You can't mess with a classic.

Dear Makers of The Third Generation Ninja Turtles Cartoon.

It's been a while, eh? I've been quietly observing your progress from the shadows. Not the show itself, I don't get that channel, but your progress ever further into TMNT lore.

You see, I've tasted at least a bit from most of the major incarnations of the franchise. The 80's show remains a highly influential part of my childhood, but watching them now does give me a bit of the "what where you thinkings". It's a bit too silly for me, or at least it was as of the late 2ks.

I watched the 2K3 show and thought it was alright, you know. Trying a little too hard to be edgy, but overall good, and probably my favorite Mike of all.

I have been looking forward to a particular character's return ever since I first saw her as a kid. And as an adult, I went back to that episode, to the character's one significant appearance, and it did not give me the "What where you thinkings". This character was even better. Now I saw a whole lot of potential in her. And her name was Mona Lisa. the right of Raph

Originally a female Turtle, the idea was torpedoed to hell by the TMNT creators. Creators can be fickle, even those who could be the sheer embodyment of "selling out".  "Female Turtle? That's Lazy! This is going to ruin everything" they said, while okaying a horrible live action singing tour and  for the Turtles to appear in pasta cans.

Not fully unwilling to scrape the idea, the show's people  adjusted a few elements and turned Mona Lisa into a female know what, I think you guys probably know all this. I mean, why wouldn't you be versed in this backstory? It's your job, you know?

The point is, Mona Lisa had a lot of potential, in my eyes. While other characters on the show where born and died(not litterally) on their very first episode, Mona Lisa was already doing stuff before  she ran into the Turtles.

A former college student, Mona Lisa (I presume she was called that  before she became NOT a female Ninja Turtle) was kidnapped by an evil pirate, and while thwarting him, she fell into a bunch of mutative goop that turned her into an anthropomorphic amalgam lizard. Since then, she'd been looking for the guy who made her this way AND a way to unlizard herself.

If only The 80's cartoon had had more room for long form storytelling, they could have done a lot more with this character, a reluctant hero on a quest for vengeance. But nothing more came out of it, presumably because what had been planned had been planned for Mona Lisa the Turtle, and not Mona Lisa, the Lovely Lady Lizard that Eastman and Laird barely tolerated. For 20 something years I awaited. 2k3 was not interesting in retreading a lot of the 80's lore, and I respected that.

Then your show came along, possitively magnetized towards theh 80's show. And seeing what you did with Rahzar, Bebop and Rocksteady,  and Slash, I thought you would eventually finally fullfil the potential in Mona Lisa. So now she's been announced. What's it gonna be?

Honestly, what the fuck is this shit?
Oh. Mona Lisa is an ALIEN Salamander. So uh... I guess the story's not gonna be in any way similar to the...80's story.  And she looks uh, you know...

I was expecting something else, ok? I'm sure this will work for the show you're making right now. I'm sure it's current fans will love it. I'm sure you mean well.

 I guess better luck next decade, I suppose?


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