Black, Female, Fighter #2

(According to an article made last year there have only ever 13 playable female characters. The list doesn't include fighting game characters for reasons I don't agree with. As such, I have decided to put a spotlight on 14 of these characters, to see what is being dismissed here. There are MORE than that, but I admit, not MUCH more.)

Vanessa Lewis


Virtua Fighter


She was being trained to be a child soldier, but then was rescued by a guy and stuff. And also she's got amnesia and doesn't remember sex with Stryker.

How Black is she?

Well, the intent that she's an African American is pretty clear, although her white hair (and brows) certainly aren't a naturally ocurring happenstance. Unless I´m wrong about that, IDK.


She was in 2 Virtua Fighters out of 5 that are ever going to be made(although they said the same thing about Dreams. And they only mostly kept to their word, so...)

Fight examples


If women feel offput by "sexy" female bodies, I don't know how they'll feel about "amazonian" female bodies. I mean, she isn't all that extreme, or anything, but I don't think this is what they mean with "strong female characters."

Vanessa then double ups on that by having the kind of attire a "traditional beauty" fighter would have, so it might be the worst of both worlds.


Other than the attire, Vanessa mostly subverts expectations of traditional femeninity, which is what most women who play games want to see (Citation Needed)

Also, you can custom her appearance, so, if she makes you uncomfortable, it's probably your own fault.


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