Gynoid: The Quest for Head now available on Itch.Io

Yeah, it could look a lot nicer.

Your boy Batzarro, here, the one who usually doesn't usually call himsef your boy, but here we is, has released a new game for the (NSFW LINK) Lewd Game Jam. The jam, sponsored by perennial ruiners of it for everyone 4Chan, , tasked us with creating a lewd product. Now, I planned for my thing to be at least slightly lewder, but I lost a couple of days to a for real Game Jame, and  a country wide 2 day blackout. Plus, my sister never found the thing I needed.

But I made it and here it is. Play it, love it, get stuck on a door. I will be revisiting this one to and those oh, so desirable graphics I failed to get last time. Till then!


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