Horrendous Theory: Something Something Halo something 9-11

Welcome, my friends to a very special episode of Horrendous Theory.

This episode is not about an actual theory I have, but rather abut something that has bugged me for almost a decade. It can be accurately described as a scary coincidence, more than anything. But then again, there are those who do not believe in coincidences.
Like, why would he even?

See, it's been nearly 10 years since the terrible terrorist attacks that shocked New York and shook the world. Since it is a tradition to say where one was that day, I was at school, though I heard a teacher mention planes had crashed into the Twin Towers. Which I remember where mentioned by J, of the Men in Black Animated series, to be the biggest building in the Manhattan. Then I got home, and things where badder than I ever suspected.
So much more badder

Thousands of lives lost, a literal center of trade turned to rubble and the increasing feeling that war was going to begin any time now replaced any optimism we might have had for the young millennium. Religious zealots had brought war against the American people. Whatever you thought was gonna happen before didn't matter.

But I guess, for me, it wasn't too bad a year. 4 months' later I bought an Xbox and eventually it's greatest launch title, Halo: Combat Evolved.

The feeling of being an invincible super soldier went right along the growth of  increased militarization regarding real life. I actually talked about  the possibility of being drafted over enlisting with a friend of my brother while playing it. 'Course, even then I knew real military conflict was harder, and yet more boring than a campaign on legendary.
No Banshees on sight, yet.

But you can't deny the appeal of Halo's story: Fighting to defend humanity from the religious extremists of the Covenant, barely surviving the attack on Reach that...

Wait, what? Religious Zealots? An devastating attack no one saw coming? Military response? But...Halo...has an eerily similar plot to the one from...9-11. I mean, there are key differences but it's still sort of the same.
For one, real life didn't throw The Flood in there to spice things up. Except, you know...

But as  I said, I DON'T have a theory. What could I say, that Halo did 9-11? And Halo was about religious alien zealots years before it hit the Xbox. I guess if you already believe there was a super massive conspiracy to cause the attacks of 9-11 for some reason, you could neatly tie this up under  "see, it was planned all along!". But, me, I can't in good conscience say that the similarities between this fictional videogame events and the very real tragedy that happened on that day. Not without evidence, I can't.

It's still freaky, though.


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