Ñangara GT is about the Jalopy my dad gave me.


Sunday, me and my brother where riding nowhere in particular. He struggled with the ditches, bumps and imperfections on the road, which is one of those topics that are as true in 1995 as they are in 2015 here in Puerto Rico. He told me, "Hey, you should make a game about driving in the island, and trying to avoid the bumps on the road." And I told him, right then and there, that I would take that idea to heart and make the game. And so I began thinking and planning.

It's Wednesday, and the game...is done. I ended up modeling the car itself after a car my dad sort of gave me, which was a...it needed a lot of fixing.

Well, not quite DONE, done. I wanted more dynamic opposing cars and different handlings  and such. But I guess that'll be for later. For now, check out Ñangara GT on Gamejolt.

El Domingo my hermano y yo salimos a novelelear. Y el luchando por no caer en los hoyos de la carretera, uno de esos temas que nunca cambian aqui en la isla. Me dijo "oye, debieras hacer un juego sobre manejar aqui en Puerto Rico." Y yo le dije ahi mismo, que sin verguenza alguna le hiba a robar la idea.  Y asi empeze a pensar.

Es Miercoles, y el Juego ya esta.

Bueno, okay, le falta. Queria añadirle mas detalles y eso. Pero esto sera luego. Por ahora, disfruten de Ñangara GT.


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