Scolding Review: Run, Wonder Princess AKA Korean Bootleg Wonder Woman Part 2

DC replied to my challenge last time, sending me this link as well as a bag of dicks for me to eat. Well played.
In our last episode of Run Wonder Princess, the Bootleg adaptation of Wonder Woman where she's a Princess from  Space rather than an immortal amazon, Princess Wonder Woman fought Nick Fury, who was a zombie robot created by Dr Willy to capture Steve Trevor, but she was sadly defeated by a Dragonzord. I'm mostly not making that up.

Wonder Princess  recieved a vision or memory or something from what I'm guessing is her father, King Hyppolita.  If he's not telling her to never give up, then I'm a monkey's uncle.

Remember the scent of mother...ther...ther...

But they're already gone by the time she awakes. They are being held by Willy in his cave fortress, which she knows not the location of. How will they get out of this one? Well, as they are being escorted, Steve flat out punches a motherfucker in the mouth, and runs away. He Hijacks  a Hot Dog ship as their full assault comences..
However, Wondy is ready with her UFO, and she joins the battle. It's actually as sweet as when we first saw it in the intro, except on no longer IN SPAAAAACE.
Steve, who was flying in formation with the bad guys, starts team killing them.

With the evil army destroyed, it's time to take on the final shell shock. They infiltrate Willy's base, and isn't too long before they run into the two remaining zombie robots. One of them is armed with two laser shooting swords, and the other armed with a prehensile mace flails and gun shield. It's a SHIELD that SHOOTS MANY GUNS. Like, Fuck FInal Fantasy and it's gunblades. THIS is the real combo, right here.

So it's a pretty good fight, with some good moments. I mean, this is a bootleg, it doesn't look as good as anything from DBZ or Naruto, but this is Wonder Woman being caught by a flail in mid air, getting pulled down on the ground, then being shot by a shield as she falls, with her blocking the shots with her bracelets, and then kicking the guy. It's not Lion and the King, either.

To finally finish it all, He throws the gun shield at Wondy, Captain America style, except it keeps going after her and it's filled with spikes. She uses her lasso (SHE HAS IT!) to redirect it right into the  robot guy, killing him. The other guy shoots swords(SHOOTS MOTHER FUCKING SWORDS) at her, but she blocks it with the shield. He then runs away, but she throws the shield at him as he runs and kills him.

Meanwhile Steven "Universe" Trevor runs into a horde of robots. They're a head  away from being that robot from "The Flying House". It's a japanese show about time traveling christian children. Uh...anyway, Wonder Woman then throws her tiara at them, killing most of them. You see, this is a show about people who did like Wonder Woman and knew about the stuff she did.The rest she melts with the laser that comes out of her tiara. Uh...well, that's...not very Wonder Womany as far as I know, but it'
Heavy is the head that wears the lazors.

Steve tries to strike out on his own and rescue grampa, but he's not strong enough and Lady Wonder has to do it. Come on, movie, haven't we emasculated this guy enough? He's trying to save his whatever, give him at least THAT.

Willy and Sun ride the Dragonzord in the last battle scene. It's a pretty amazing scene. There's fire everywhere.  Wonder Woman hangs on to the dragon's mouth, but  Willy shoots her in the belt, knocking her, AND the belt down. She tries to reach it, but he gets it first. Then when he tries to leave with it , Steve struggles with him and takes away the belt, throwing it back to her. She, finishes off the dragon with a toss of her tiara, and it explodes and sends Willy flying off into an area sorrounded by fire.
Hi guys, I know I was dead a few minutes ago, but I´m going to look at this for a bit, okay?
I'm pretty sure the following conversation goes on:

Grampa: Good. That asshole's gonna be nice and roasty.
Wondy: No! I have to save his asshole. It's what a real hero would do.

She goes on to I guess try to save him, but he's an adamant villainous jerk, till the end, so he burns to death. And for the record, Wondy, you could have flown right over the fire and picked him up against his will. Come on. You flew earlier. Come on. From the dialogue's tone, I'm going to guess he's maybe related to her somehow? Like maybe a niece or something?  I don't know. Maybe I'm thinking about this a little too much. I don't know Korean.
Anyway, immediately we see Wonder Woman's Saucer leave Earth, as her theme  plays us out.

Goodbye, Wikus. I'll come back in 10 years!

So, what do you think I'm gonna say? "Wonder Woman's not an ALIEN, how stewpeed!"
No, here's what's REALLY Stupid. Wonder Woman has 3 movies to her as of 2015. The pretty awesome 2011 animated movie, the pretty piss poor TV movie, and this, and THIS is the second best one. For comparison, by 2015,  Batman has  SEVEN, Superman has 6, Captain America has Four, Spider-Man has Five, and the Fantastic Four have...Four. Of course, I generously discounted all animated films because...I'm nice like that.

And yet we constantly heard for years from the owners of the source material that this was way hard and that they're really for reals trying to get it right, even as they prepare to launch 2 Batman movies. There is hunger enough for the material that even foreign bootleggers know that she talks to animals, what the fuck where you dawddling for?  Just about everyone has a a good version of this except for Warner, it seems.

This movie's probably not "good" in the traditional understanding. And while it plays it fast and loose with the source, it's recognizable as a Wonder Woman story, and that's gonna be a bit scarce until Gal Gadot finally stops  playing referee to Superman and Batman's grit wrestling match. See you then!


JaredMithrandir said...

I hate the 2009 animated movie.

This seems interesting, when a way to watch it English in exists I'll check it out.

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