Time and Time Again : the game we made at Puerto Rico Gamejam

I don't have a lot of time to break down the wonderful experience it was to participate in my first ever Game Jam.  But I can start showing you the work Frank Delgado and  Frankie Pagan of Coffee Bean Studios, (Patreon HERE video of their game here) Fabian Ramirez, Roberto Ledesma, myself, and a voice over guy whose card i lost.
From left to right Franky Pagan working the music, Frank Delgado working graphics, Yours Truly staring vacantly at the Roberto Ledesma working backgrounds and next to him... and... uh... Steve?
My Brother Fabian, who designed a lot of vehicles for the game which where eventually where worked in as  Background elements.

But in the meantime, and I meant to upload the game to Itch.io today, but I left it at home, here's some screens to tide you over.

Seen here, Aliens, Dinosaurs and UFOS in Mars. You can't prove there won't be dinosaurs in Mars someday!

The game is about a UFO riding little dude who is traveling through time, blasting aliens. Due to time crunch and not being able to figure out  GMK's joystick features in time, we left a loooot of stuff on the cutting room floor, including a second playable character and co-op.

That's right, we left out the female character. Mary Sue probably thinks it's a sign that the industry is misogynist.

Actually The game is up and about on Itch.io as of right now. Go play. Sure, it's no Gone Home, or Gears of War or other traffic driving titles I want to mention so people  will find this by accident, but it's a labor of love. Conker, Bajo, Halo, Minecraft. World of Warcraft. Dawn of Justice. What?


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