Scooby Doo is back. Scooby Doo never left.

Let's see if I get this right. Robin-Velma plays videogames, Robo Scooby speaks through Emoticons, Daphne looks like a Gen 13 Reject, Fred is trying to be an Extreme Ghostbuster, and Shaggy looks like that weird guy that performs at the park. Did I get all of them?

Scooby Dooby Doo? Where are you? They're putting you on DC.
It really really looks like they filtered you, through some bad DBZ.

There's no time to fear, this fiscal year, you really must deliver
Profits to stock holders who own you now, or I have to sell my liver!

So, after a long time, WB has finally decided to revive obscure Hanna Barbera cartoons it owns as DC comics. For the most part it looks ok and I can't complain, because I kind of asked them to do it. But then there's the Scooby Doo comic.
If you asked me to make a parody of what Scooby Doo as made by DC would be like, this is exactly what I would think off. Daphne holding a gun? Scooby with Vegeta's Scouter. Shaggy a weirdo? Tats on Freddy? Velma looking like she's almost got a domino mask on?

But to be frank I always found  Scooby's appeal to be kind of meh. I'm not saying I thought it was bad or anything. It's ok. But okay enough for there to be so much of it? I fought for staying at home if it meant missing Taz-Mania and Ninja Turtles, but Scooby Doo, I just didn't care.

I mean either of the Scooby Doos. When I was a kid we had A Pup Named Scooby Doo, and Reruns of the original 60's  show.

Which brings me to ask. What's with constantly reviving Scooby Doo. I mean, last year I made a chart about this. Look.

 These are the years doring which new Scooby Doo Television shows have been on the air. The longest Scooby has been of the air has been the 10 year gap after the end of APNSC and What's New Scooby Doo(I think. I did that research last year). All to basically the same plot. There's a "Scary" thing, and some kids investigate it like they're getting payed for it. But then it's now. It wasn't something supernatural. Just an asshole in a mask.

Compare this to say, Batman, the most popular Super Hero in the world.


This are the years on which Batman has been on the air. There's a 15 year Gap during which Batman hasn't been on TV sets, and part of those years are following WB's purchase of it. That means there must have been a couple of years of thos guys just going "howda we make moneys off of this Batman stuf we own now?"

The ammount of years with no Ninja Turtles, though, will amaze you.

 Sure it's existed a shorter amount of time than either of the others, but TMNT already has  2 Movie Reboots, 3 cartoon seriei and a a live action show. 

But back to Scooby Doo. I don't know who gritty 90's Scooby Doo is for. I mean, it could be good or whatever, but for something THIS different from a franchise  that's already done some good reinventions, and yet is mostly known for basically a single plot, it's kind of a weird move. Don't get eaten out there, Velma.


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