Always respect the author's will

By Watching the above video you are agreeing  with the following terms and conditions:

1)You, the watcher, agrees to pay a stipend to the creator of 100$(U.S.) payable to the Paypal account of the author.

2) You, the watcher, agree to only ever speak regarding this video in positive terms, while also standing on one(1) leg.

In case of disagreement with any of the points I make, regardless if it is done on one leg, you agree to remove one(1) of your toes, should you have any toes.

In case of agreement while failing to jump on one leg, you agree to remove one(1) of your fingers, should there be any to.

3) You shall deliver to me any firstborn children, male or female, that you happen to have. To deliver them, you should build a barge out of oak, and seal it with your own earwax. You shall use the barge to sail to the Island of Puerto Rico, where said baby  shall be delivered, alive, to my doorstep. The boys shall be raised as freaks and mutants in my secret sewers. The girls shall be sacrificed to Snarko, the Faceticious Dragon.

4) This video is only meant to be watched in Countries with Z in their name, by people named either Eartha or McTalion

5) That every morning that you wake up and do not recall dreaming that you were ravaged by me, you shall whip yourself 400 lashes while reciting the theme from Extreme Dinosaurs. This includes non song vocalizations like "let's fossilize them".

If you fail to follow any of the terms, and still watch all or part of the video, you are depriving me of my fairly earned money and...babies. It's robbing. Please turn yourself to the authorities, and should they refuse to arrest you, rob something so they have something to arrest you over. Ok? Ok.


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