Third time's the 'Jam.

You guys know I Love Myself some public domain stuff. especially when there's a chance for me to show off. what happened in 2014  A Games  Jam, hosted by Gritfish. the theme of which was public domain characters and stories. there was only a problem : by the time I found out about it it was already over.

I tried to create my own later that year. Nobody participated. next year there was another public domain Jam, which I was ready to participate in but alas I was unable to.

Now that I realize that this is a yearly event I have been able to anticipate that the next one will take place in less than a week. The third annual public domain game Jam House being announced and I'm letting you  know my intention to participate in it .

 I also would like to announce that whatever my entry  will be my characters and stories will come from public domain comics. This subject is so obscure that not even the Jam's host, whose mission is to try to make people aware that there are works in the public domain beyond zombies, is not aware of them. I will also like to say this so that if you are considering to enter please do so. I know I have a bug up my butt about public domain and copyright and stuff like that but it's important. And I guess there are the prizes too. I'd do it for free, but if they're handing out 1000 $ like last year, that's cool. Daddy litterally needs himself some new shoes.


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