Whose Side are You ON: The Adventures of The American Rabbit

 Thanks to Captain Planet and the Planeteers, the gap between the teams has been bridged. 96-love. There is only one hero who can possibly  decide The Civil War.

The Adventures of The American Rabbit


What if you had, one chance, one opportunity? Would you capture it? Or just let is slip-SHIT, that's not the right Rabbit.

The American Rabbit is a star spangled rodent who inherits his powers rather than fall into them. When he runs really fast he can transform into The American Rabbit!

Danger Assesment

The Rabbit's main powers are speed and flight. However, he needs to catch a  lot of momentum before he can transform,  he can be stopped.


Where would they stand.

With the vagueness of the story and the hero being what he is, I can picture him perfectly siding with Cap just because he's a little patriotic.  Also, his hometown is protected by magic, so he's obviously concerned for his parents.

reg 96
antireg 99

96! Loser!

 We've done it! We have a winner! Captain America and his team of rogue heroes would win out in this scenario. Ironman can get some pretty powerful people on his side, but then again one of the most iconic elements of the superhero vs other archetypes is the secret identity, and, despite what Facebook might be letting you believe, there's still some people who value their privacy.

 Again, if you don't believe that the guy with Blankman on his side could beat the guys with Hancock on his side, remember that this has been highly accurate speculation regarding fictional characters, and you can't prove otherwise. You can't prove that I only know about some of these guys from a skim through TV Tropes!

Who's on your fictional Civil War  list?


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