Whose Side are You ON: Captain Planet and the Planeteers

 Last time, things got a bit dark with Darkman. Time to clean up!

Captain Planet and the Planeteers

When the spirit of the Earth gets tired of being fucked around with, it gives 5 teenagers  magic rings to sort out Earth's Enviromental problems. When their individual powers won't cut it, they put them all toghether and

call Captain Planet, a single dude with all their powers.

Danger Assesment
The 5 rings give the Planeteers control over a different element: Fire, Earth, WInd, Water and deadliest of all, Heart. Sure, Heart, doesn't sound deadly, but it allows controll over animals. If you can control a fawn, you

can control a germ. If you can control a germ, you can fill someone's cerebellum with pus in short order.

Being nice kids, they don't use their powers to their ultimate, violent conclusions.

Theis combined powers creates Captain Planet, who can lift a building, but can be stopped if you throw a garbage bag at him.


Where would they stand.

Hard to say.  Tony Stark spent the better part of his life as a Captain Planet villain, basically, but after his turnaround he did create free clean energy, apparently. However, as lovey, dovey goody two shoes they'd

probably agree that regulating powers is for the best. The power is YOURS (Iron Man)



1 round to go, and we´re on a tie! This is amazing! I know you have no reason to believe me, but I did not set it up to be this way! Who is going to be our tiebreaker Who is going to be our decider? Well, find out?


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