Best Geek Ever is against P.R.O.M.E.S.A.

Yeah, boy! Trample them liberties!

Hello. I am Gabriel Ramirez, also called Batzarro. I run a small blog

called . I am a Puerto Rican, I live in Puerto

For those of you that don't know, congress and President Obama are just

about to sign act HR 4900 known as P.R.O.M.E.S.A., which would establish a

Fiscal Control Board over the America owned territory of Puerto Rico. This

as a result of the crushing debt our small island has racked up in over 30

years of bad administration after bad administration.

Our relationship with the U.S. has never been one of equals. After we were

taken in as war booty in the Spanish American Wars we spent decades under

military occupation.
And look, frankly sometimes the stuff you do gives us cancer.

Later, the Island was declared an Estado Libre Asociado, or free

associated state.  The only true part about that title is that we were

associated, because we are not a state on any definition of the word, and all our laws can be revoked by

congress, under which we remain.

So, when we run into a huge fiscal crisis created by our lack of self

governance, you would expect this very congress to step in. Or step up.

But instead they step on. On us.

So here's the plan the Subcomitee For Natural Resources came up with. You

heard right, the enormous fiscal and political crisis we face was

spearheaded by a Natural Resources group. This isn't a goddamn oil spill!

Were was I? Yes, the plan. So they will establish a board that will be

making all the financial decisions from now on. This board will be mostly

handpicked by the President, it will not answer to the people of Puerto

Rico at all, they are completely unaccountable for anything that happens,

and they can freely recieve gifts. They will have the power to overturn

laws, create laws, and arrest anyone who refuses to cooperate with their

making of said laws. And they can do all that secretly and behind closed doors because why tha fack nat?

Now, let's take this point by point.

* Having an unnacountable board have this much power is bad. It's kind of

the opposite of democracy. It's like a dictatorship, or rather since this

is a board created by a foreign dignitary, a colony.

* To give an unnacountable group this much power could lead to ridiculous

ammounts of corruption. I mean, legally, I could go to the FCB members and

 tell them to sell me half  the island in exchange for  a box of

tangerines, and they would face no risk. They'd have to be kind of

incredibly good or incredibly dumb NOT to start accepting bribes openly.
Also, quick reminder, THIS guy may soon be the one naming such said authoritarian group.
*It's highly troubling that this group doesn't take any responsibility for

 what they do. The actions of this group could lead to loss of life,

liberty and material goods. Actions of austerity are what lead to the town

of Flint getting poisoned with lead. And this isn't a small town we're

talking about. 3.5 million people live here!

In fact, in theory, these assholes could make our debt worst, and run off

laughing, and we'd be left holding the broken pieces.

* The plan to reduce the minimum wage is heart rending, and the fact that this was put in as if this was an obvious economy boosting title makes me want to hang myself. To put this

on perspective, I tried to buy the materials for a breakfast with the

proposed minimum wage.

 And for the record , this minimum wage doesn't

count what they take away for taxes and social security.

You expect young people to live off of this crap? I mean, I couldn't

afford housing with full time minimum wage, what the hell are people with

part time minimum wage gonna do?

P.R.O.M.E.S.A. is a sham, but congress is pretty proud that they can do us

this "help"  without spending any taxpayer money.  After all it would be a

real tragedy to use your taxes to help millions of fellow Americans, some

of whom fought and died side by side with you on your wars.

The problem with Puerto Rico is not a spending problem. Our local

governments spent and borrowed unwisely, but that didn't cause the

problem. The problem is the backbone of our economy was taken away by a

congress, which now happily attempts to find the literal least they

could do.

So why am I telling you this? To guilt trip you or make you feel bad? No.

I'm telling you because there is still time to stop it. P.R.O.M.E.S.A is

going to the senate, and you can  still  call your senators and ask them

to stop it. We Puerto Ricans don't have any representation on the senate,

because if we did, I wouldn't have to write this kind of thing, but with

your help we can  turn things around.

We have to do something about the enormous debt we have. But it has to be

a good something. We can't afford to half ass and penny pinch our way to a

solution that has been building up for 100 years. You don't want to rush

up a bad idea, and end up bemoaning that "well, we had to do something.

Call or write your local senator and tell them to call off P.R.O.M.E.S.A.,

to help us restructure our debt, and to allow us to manage our economy.

That's all we want. We don't want to not pay the debt. We just want to pay

it at a reasonable pace, and without selling basic services and historicaly

 and environmentally valuable landmarks to hedge funds. Without putting our children through the fire for a debt they did not accrue.

We only ask that you try.


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