So it's come to this: A Remake of Birth of a Nation

Look, I understand that being a movie studio nowadays is hard. You got China up your ass, you've got pirates helping you constantly break attendance record bleeding you out of your proceeds, and you've got games and Internet giving people more value than a Blu Ray can possibly deliver, at way better prices.

So I am not surprised that movies have stuck to what worked in the past to try and put butts in seats. Did you know that most of the movies nowadays are based on books, games, cartoons, and other movies? Unlike the golden age, where originality reigned supreme and most movies where based just on books.

We've almost become numb to it. Who can blame us? Every other day a new stupid remake or adaptation is announced, and you really can't go any lower than Peeps and Emoji.

However, there's some things you just don't do Some movies are should not be remade. We draw the line here. Here at remaking Birth of a Nation.

The classic zombie film by DW Griffith has apparently begun filming, with it being released either this year or it's already out, hell if I know. You already know it's all going downhill when you have Edward Zwick the director of The Last Samurai and Blood Diamond attached. I mean, what sort of fit is the guy for the material.

But from the looks of it, they might as well have gotten Michael Bay, because this movie throws out everything anyone knew about Birth of a Nation, to tell us a story that practically has nothing to do with it, about slaves revolting against their masters.

So it's basically Birth of a Nation In Name Only as they threw out the heart of the old movie, and replaced it with whatever kids nowadays would like to see: slaves fighting for their freedom. Who wrote this , Justin Marks?

After all these years of waiting for a sequel to the 1915 original with the surviving cast in place, fans will probably be disappointed to know none of them make a return, and that this is just a quick cash grab on the franchise. Hell, the effects of the original still hold up, while the current one's lazy use of computer filters and actual African Americans make it feel as hollow as it actually is.

Art from Adversity.

High tech drivel.

The original as pretty well recieved overall. It was a fun film. This one is all dark and gloom. Enough of these ultra serious films! Are you allergic to charm and joy, Hollywood?

I mean, I assume. I haven't seen either and don't know what Birth of a Nation is about. But I'm hoping this will prompt Hollywood to learn it's lesson, and stop remaking films that are already perfectly fine.


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