Democracy is dead, the bad guys won, buy my shirts

No hay mar. No hay sol. about that Fiscal Control Board, huh?  It passed through and the president signed it and everything, and people who  expressed themselves against it such as Lin Manuel Marin Miranda and our Governor, suddenly decided it was the only choice.

Funny, I was reading about the Japanese Internment Camps, you know, when they rounded all the Japanese into shitty desert camp prisons because of fear they might sabotage stuff. Obviously there was a strong sense then that there was an emergency and that measures  had to be taken.

It's not good that they did that, but it's not surprising. What is surprising is that even today you see some people saying, that we had to. Despite evidence only piling up for the fact that we did it, they describe ambiguous consequences if we hadn't gone with it.

We had to. We had to violate the human rights of an entire group of people to ease our fears. We had to use nukes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We had to hold those McCarthy hearings. We had to intervene in Vietnam and Korea. We had to install dictators in various countries. We had to arm insurgents in Afghanistan. We had to invade Afghanistan. And Iraq. We had to create the Patriot Act. We had to torture people for information. We had to collect information on everyday American Citizens. We have to use Drones to kill people in other countries. Or is it only in other countries?

The phrase "necessary evil" operates from a view point where you regret evil done. You actually HAD to  do it, as the consequences showed themselves far greater than inaction. But when all evils are necessary and there's no line, that's another thing.

I don't believe that P.R.O.M.E.S.A. was "The ONLY WAY" anymore than putting  Japanese folks into inhuman camps during the 1940s was "THE ONLY WAY" to keep Japanese saboteurs from wreaking havoc and costing U.S. the war, installing dictators and accusing random folks  was "THE ONLY WAY" America could beat back the Soviets, and the same way collecting your information and blowing up foreigners with unaccountable death-machines is "THE ONLY WAY"  to keep the specter of terrorism at bay.

But it doesn't matter what I believe. The President doesn't have to listen to me: they don't let us vote for President. Congress doesn't have to listen to me, I don't have representation in there. One day the full truth will come out and we will truly see if we actually HAD to, or if we just WANTED TO.

So...I'm making some T-Shirts.  They show a darkened Puerto Rican flag, flagrantly  riding the coattails of this thing that's been making news rounds. There's a lot of dissatisfaction... and I want to turn it into di$$ati$faction.

"Hey, our flag is going into people's asses and being stepped on as we speak, but it's the correct colors as it happens!

Get your darkened  Monoestrellada shirts for men and women and show everyone that you are sad about Puerto Rico...Or Cuba. Once you remove the colors it could go either way, really.

I will  update as I make even more designs. And...please don't vote for Donald Trump. As long as we're gonna have a tyrannical colonial dictatorship, it might as well not be chosen by the Guy from Celebrity Apprentice. You guys are killing us over here.


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